Briton 571 Single Door Touch Bar with 1 and 3 Point Locking

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The Briton 571 Touch Bar is a slimline, stylish panic device suitable for use on timber or steel doors that are accessible to the public. Its sleek design makes it ideal for prestigious locations where aesthetics are as important as safety. The Briton 571 is available either as a horizontal push bar with one point latch locking, or with a pullman latch kit, enabling two or three point locking.

• Unobtrusive touch bar design
• Suitable for single doors and the active leaf of rebated double doors
• Non-handed - suitable for left and right handed doors
• 5 year manufacturer's warranty
• Fire tested to EN 1634
• CE marked and certified to EN 1125 for panic hardware
• 840mm & 1200mm versions to choose from (suitable for 940mm & 1300mm width doors respectively)
• Category of use: Class 3 = high frequency of use by public and others with little incentive to exercise care
• Horizontal bar provides one point latch locking
• Available with top and bottom pullman latch kit for three point locking
• Two point locking achievable by disabling the horizontal bar latch (when used with a pullman latch kit)
• Suitable for doors with a minimum clear opening width of 500mm
• Maximum door height: 2500mm
• For final exit doors accessible to the public - non-trained personnel
• Fire rated for use on timber or steel doors
• Silver finish as standard
• Compatible with Briton knoblever and code lock outside access devices


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