Briton 600 Series Stainless Steel Panic Exit Device

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The Briton 600 Series outlet is the perfect solution for medium duty doors.


Suitable for the most common doors to meet customer expectations: strength and durability, high reliability, easy to install.


Reliable quality

It has passed the American Standard ANSI 156.3 certification and has a service life of 500,000 times.

Feature rich 

There are two types of fireproof and non-fireproof lines. A total of 8 device type models are available. The head cover is narrow and the door type is wider.

Rugged and beautiful

The appearance is pure 304 stainless steel. The streamlined design is beautiful and generous.

Use peace of mind

The ground pin is equipped with a dust cap for easy maintenance. Riveting replaces the screw connection, and the necessary screw connection is effective against loosening and reliable.
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