CISA C3000 - C3000 S Cylinder

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Cisa C3000 cylinders offer the perfect balance between safety against attacks, protection against key duplication and fewer keys to manage accesses.
Increased protection against key duplication, keys can only be duplicated at CISA C3000 centres.
- Authorised duplication at C3000 Centres.
- Security Card.
- Key protected by trademark.
High resistance to bumping (percussion) thanks to the BKP (Bump Key Power) patented device.
Drill resistant thanks to a steel anti-drill insert.
Highly effective against wax impression thanks to pins and drivers in hardened steel with special shape.
High master keying potential**/ maximum flexibility when personalising access management and reduced number of keys.
One master key controls up to 15,000 different cylinders within the same master key system
Up to 140,000 million potential different key combinations*
Controlled duplication system: traditional key in nickel silver alloy, protected by trademark, can only be duplicated by CISA C3000 Centres or CISA. BKP patented technology: certified resistance to bumping. Certified drill resistance, thanks to the key bitting system in hardened steel.
• Brass body
• Brass plugs
• Variable shape drivers
• Pins and drivers in hardened steel
• Phosphor bronze and steel springs
• Self-lubricating DIN sintered steel cam
• Conventional
• Nickel-plated brass
• Key blade 12 mm long
• Numerical code on key bow
• Thickness 2.4 mm
• Salto 0.48 mm
• 3 keys
• Security Card
• Fixing screw
• Nickel-plated 
• In compliance with EN 1305:05
• Key Related Security: 6
• Attack Resistance: 0
• Durability: 6
• Key protected by 3D trademark no. 1 236 248 and Community Design registered at no. 2669630
• BKP device: patent no. PCT/W0 2007/074163 A1
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