5871 Stainless Steel Fire Rated Heavy Duty Knobset

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Conforms to PSB SS332:2007 Singapore Standards
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Entrance function locks are locked by pushing and turning a button and are unlocked by key until the inside button is manually unlocked. They are also available with push button locking, in which pushing the button locks the outside knob or lever until it is unlocked by key or by turning the inside knob or lever. The inside knob or lever is always free for immediate exit.


Privacy locks are the type used in a public restroom, or perhaps a residential bedroom or bathroom. They contain no cylinder and do not have a key. However, they can be locked from the inside for privacy, usually by a push button built into the knob or lever. They generally include a provision for emergency access from the outside, often using a small screwdriver or pin to unlock the outside knob or lever through a hole in the trim.


Passage sets are not locks in the true sense of the word, but incorporate a lever or knob on either side of the door and latch to hold the door shut. There is no provision for a key, as no lock cylinder is included.


Storeroom function locks have a fixed outside knob or lever, and the latch is retracted by the key from the outside. The inside knob or lever is always free for immediate exit.


Classroom function locks are locked and unlocked from the outside by a key. The inside knob or lever is always free for immediate exit.

Communicating without Key

Communicating without key is always unlocked from the inside knob and has blank plate on the outside.

Double Key

Double key function has keyed cylinder in both outside and inside knobs. Key unlocks its own knob independently for doors that require keyed security on both sides.


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