GEZE TS2000V Overhead Door Closer

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TS 2000 V – Standard Overhead Door Closer with Basic Latching Action

TS 2000 BC – Adjustable Overhead Door Closer with adjustable backcheck and latching action

With the TS 2000 NV overhead door closer with variable closing force in accordance with DIN EN 1154 in sizes 2 and 4, the closing speed can conveniently be set from the front. The stopper setting is made using the arm.


Product features

  • Door closer TS 2000 with link arm for doors with up to 1100 mm leaf widths
  • Closing force, infinitely adjustable EN 2-4
  • End stop and closing speed can be adjusted
  • Can be used for right and left swing doors without conversion
  • For fire and smoke protection doors 
  • Optional extras: Hold-open range 70°-150° (via the hold-open arm)
  • Optional extras: Hydraulic end stop set from the front and adjustable opening buffer (GEZE TS 2000 NV BC)
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